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NBC’s Brian Williams Stays Cool On Air Despite Fire Alarm Interruption

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By HVmedia on November 30, 2011

On Tuesday night’s Nightly News on NBC, Brian Williams was beginning to introduce the lead story about the American Airlines bankruptcy filing when a fire alarm sounded in the NBC studio, followed by a voice announcement. Williams, ever the professional, remained calm and went about his job like a boss.

As Poynter notes, fire alarms in broadcast newsrooms can be quite a common occurrence. In the case of NBC, the fire alarm lasted throughout most of the program through the next few stories on Herman Cain, the Mexican drug war, and the siege of the British embassy in Tehran. Through it all, Williams reminded his NBC bosses why they pay him the big bucks.

If you’re wondering who the boss is, it’s not Tony, Angela or George Steinbrenner. It’s Brian Williams.

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