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Mother and Child Reunion: Facebookian Happy Ending for Mom and Long-Lost Son

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By HVnews on September 14, 2011

Kattia Liebers’ son, Jared, was just five years old when, in the middle of a bitter custody battle, her husband snatched Jared and moved away from their home in Costa Rica.

Kattia spent the next decade holding onto pictures of her son and his toys, searching for him to no avail. She even refused to give up her married name, despite wanting to do just that, in the hopes that one day her son would be able to find her.

Jared, taken to Israel by his father, held onto a book on Spanish words his mother gave him.

Amazingly, it took the modern marvel that is Facebook to finally bring this mother and son back together. As Fox 29’s Chris O’Connell reported from Lansdale, PA:

Her life changed once again. And it came by way of a single message on Facebook.

“Hi is this Kattia Chacon Sanchez by any chance?” the original message asked.

“Who is this?” the mother said she replied.

“I’m Jared Liebers,” came the reply.

“If you’re Jared Liebers, I’m your mom, and I love you very much,” the mother wrote back.

Jared Liebers had found his mother.

“I cried really hard. It was emotional. I finally got in contact after all these years,” Jared told the Philadelphia Fox affiliate. After making contact with his mother, the two spent every day for two months talking to one another. Last week, Jared moved to the United States to be with his mother.

Jared has since enrolled at North Penn High School. Looks like these two have a lot of catching up to do.

Just amazing.

Zuckerberg should turn their story into a commercial for Facebook.

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