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A More Frightening Schoolhouse Rock: Japan Explains Nuke Crisis to Kids

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By HVnews on March 17, 2011

Japan’s nuclear crisis is no laughing matter. But now, somehow, there are poop jokes involved.

The following video was translated from an original uploader to include English subtitles. According to the description, “This video was created based on the simple analysis of the current state of the Fukushima Nuclear power plant by media artist Kazuhiko Hachiya.”

A simple Googling of the 44-year-old Hachiya turns up the fact that he’s all about cartoons and entertaining creations, and according to this 2009 profile, he mines cartoons for real-life inventions like a 32-foot, one-person glider. Further, this profile tells us that “after graduating from the Faculty for Visual Communication Design, Kyushu Institute of Design, he had worked for a consulting company, and started SMTV, a private TV station unit, as his art activity.” Creative guy, it seems.

His latest creation is the following cartoon, which appears to be an animated short airing on national television that attempts to explain the current nuclear crisis to children. It involves Nuclear Boy, Chernobyl Boy, and Three-Mile Island Boy, a lot of poo jokes and a doctor that makes house calls.

We’ll try to poke around for more details but as of now, this is the most frightening version of Schoolhouse Rock you’d ever want to show your kids. Good to see Japan returning to normalcy.

If you really want some information on what’s happening in Japan, this guy rules:

(first video via The Daily What)

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