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Minnesota Family Allegedly Attacked by Mob of Teenage Girls Over Pair of Sunglasses

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By HVnews on July 11, 2011

As if trying to export soccer and Will & Kate to the U.S. weren’t bad enough, it seems like England is working overtime to emigrate chavs to America as well.

First came evidence that the city of Brotherly Love was being turned in the city of Brotherly Teenage Gangs, and now, the fine folks in Minneapolis are getting a taste for life with delinquents running rampant.

Shawnee Twiet, a Minneapolis mother of two girls, says she and her girls were assaulted by a mob of teenage girls at Folwell Park on Minneapolis’ north side because the mob blamed her daughters for taking a pair of their sunglasses. Twiet suffered a black eye, bruises all over her body and foot imprints on her back from being stomped on. Watch the damage here:

“As soon as I hit the ground, I just started feeling just everything coming from everywhere,” Twiet said. “I mean blows coming from the back of my head. I felt somebody grabbing the back of my hair.”

And despite several in the community seeing what happened, no one has come forward to snitch.

“Nobody wants to say which way anybody went,” Twiet said. “You know this was all over a pair of sunglasses that could have been replaced.”

Twiet’s 15-year-old suffered a swollen nose and a busted blood vessel in her eye. Her four year old has a bruise on her leg and a contusion on her head.

Twiet, however, does not want to see the teenagers that she says assaulted her family behind bars. She wants an apology.

She also wants the young ladies to perform community service, so they can learn to help others, instead of hurt them.

Police say there were witnesses to the beatdown, but no one has said who is responsible.

This mob beat her four-year-old?!

Police in Minneapolis are still investigating the allegations made by Twiet. They don’t have many solid leads and are asking the public for help in this matter.

Also? Sunglasses. What’s this world coming to?

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