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Memo to Amateur Internet Sleuths: This Isn’t the Casey Anthony You’re Looking For

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on July 13, 2011

“After the verdict that day, it went crazy. It was like everybody wanted to know and wanted to comment on this Casey Anthony situation.” –Casey Anthony, Philadelphia man

Just how stupid do you have to be to mix up a 43-year-old black man in Philadelphia and a 25-year-old white woman in Florida who just had her face plastered on television for thousands of hours?

It’s a disturbing trend: Everyone who’s ever used Google and Facebook now thinks they’re some sort of Internet sleuth, that they have the ability to track people down and pull off some semblance of vigilante justice. Disagree with the Casey Anthony verdict? Well, you better get on Teh Facebook and track her down! Ya know, give her a piece of your mind! You deserve your say! You deserve to be heard! What she did affected your life! You can’t let her get away with *and* not listen to your insightful commentary!

But chances are you have the wrong Casey Anthony. C’mon, what are the odds that Casey Anthony has her phone number listed on Facebook, that she’d be so easy to track down?

And, you, Black Philly Casey Anthony: Sure the harassing phone calls and emails suck right now, but when life gives you lemons, you turn it into an award-winning, revenue-generating website called “I’m Casey Anthony.” You do the ol’ Reversey on these amateur sleuths and pundits, you track *them* down, you post the emails and the voicemails with their names and contact info, then you see the page views explode and sell advertising to this shitshow. Gold.

Where’s Obi-Wan Kenobi when you really need him to break out the Jedi mind tricks?

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