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Michigan Man Kills Himself and 7 Others, Adds in Car Chase and Hostage Standoff

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By HVnews on July 8, 2011

In-laws can be irritating, wives can be nagging, children can be difficult, and cop shows can be alluring. But killing seven people and initiating a wild car chase is probably not the best way to relieve stress.

Apparently nobody gave that small bit of advice to a Michigan man who killed himself and seven others — including his girlfriend and daughter — on Thursday.

Beginning around 3 pm, Rodrick Shonte Dantzler visited two different homes and killed a total of seven people. One of the homes is thought to have belonged to his girlfriend’s parents.

The 34-year-old then decided to flee from the cops, driving against traffic, hitting a passerby and injuring others while shooting at the police in a wild car chase.

After storming a house at 7:30 pm and taking three people hostage, Dentzler had a four-hour standoff with the police that ended in suicide. None of the hostages were hurt.

Dantzler had previously been convicted in 2000 for assault; he was released in 2005. According to Detroit News, he worked at a pizzeria and was studying to be a tech building engineer.

His Facebook page lists him as supporting an end to animal cruelty because “the people who beat animals should be beaten back! Because, clearly, this is a man opposed to violence.

Apparently Dantzler drew quite the social media following with a Facebook group called “We Need to Find Rodrick Dantzler” and tweets like “Ok So Grand Rapids Has OFFICIALLY Became Detroit!”

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