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Latest Beverage Danger Freakout: Sports Drinks Will Shrink Your Boy’s Testicles

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By HVnews on May 31, 2011

We’ve all heard about how bad sports drinks and high-sugared sodas can be for you, especially children. So what’s the newest danger? Well, they might shrink your testicles.

Taiwan and Philippine safety organizations have issued warnings that some imported Taiwanese sugary sports drinks and sodas might contain high levels of a chemical that can cause infertility and inhibit the development of sex organs in young boys.

According to Yahoo News: “Taiwan and the Philippines have warned some sport drinks may have been contaminated with a chemical that could cause infertility and block boys’ sex organ development, officials said Tuesday.

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration is monitoring some imported Taiwanese sport drinks, fruit juices and soft drinks that Taipei said may contain excessive amounts of DEHP, the agency’s spokeswoman Jesusa Joyce Cirunay said.

This comes after Taiwan issued a major recall of its products earlier this month. All told nearly a half million bottles of sports drinks and fruit juices were recalled due to fears that they contained chemicals that are usually used to manufacture PVC products.

None of these products are named explicitly, but officials in the Philippines have said they will release the names as soon as any danger is confirmed.

High doses of DEHP have been found to potentially cause infertility and retard the development of the testes in young boys. In addition it can cause kidney problems after prolonged exposure.

At the same time, Hong Kong banned two Taiwanese drinks after they tested positive to high amounts of DEHP. The ban came after six samples of a specific Taiwanese company’s sports drink all tested positive for the chemical.

It appears that this has only effected Taiwanese products that have been exported to the Philippines and China, or at least those have been the only ones reported. It might be worth having the FDA look a little bit closer at Taiwanese food imports for a little while though.

Taiwanese authorities arrested the owner of a company that was found to be deliberately using DEHP rather then the more expensive palm oil that usually goes into the products. The man is only facing up to six months in jail.

So while it’s probably not going to be a problem for those of you drinking Gatorade in the United States, you may want to think twice before you pick up those sugary sports drinks.

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