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Joke Fail: GOP Candidate Tim Pawlenty Appearing at Ha-Ha’s

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By HVpolitics on June 13, 2011

Why does former Minnesota governor and 2012 Presidential Sweepstakes candidate Tim Pawlenty insist on telling awful jokes? Does he think he’s funny? Or is he running away from the “drying paint” tag?

Pawlenty seems like he’s a reasonable candidate, a man who has enough policy gravitas to actually give President Barack Obama some fight. But because he’s been labeled as a “vanilla” candidate who’s about as exciting as pre-shot clock middle-school basketball game, Pawlenty has repeatedly broken out the jokebook in an effort either to liven up his campaign or to appear more hip and less stiff.

Whatever he’s doing, he’s failing miserably.

Back in April, T-Paw dropped stale references to Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen during an appearance at an Iowa College Republicans event. To give you an example of this stand-up routine, Pawlenty said “What the younger voters have figured out this is really a broken relationship. He made soaring promises, set grand expectations. He’s broken those promises. He’s failed to fulfill the expectations. If this was a Lady Gaga song, the relationship between the youth vote and Barack Obama would be ‘Bad Romance.’” Chris Rock, watch yo’self.

Then, on Sunday, Pawlenty joined Chris Wallace for a hit on Fox News Sunday, where the former governor proceeded to tell what just may be the worst joke in this history of campaign politics.

The look on Wallace’s face is priceless. Not even he can save Pawlenty’s ass on that one.

Dude, stick to the policy. You won’t get to be the funnyman, but you won’t look like a jackass either. The Situation at Donald Trump’s roast didn’t bomb as badly as that joke right there.

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