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iPhone 5 Rumored to Ship In September

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By HVnews on April 20, 2011

That sound you just heard was the wistful sigh of relief from iPhone-lovers the world over. Reuters is reporting that Apple will begin shipping the iPhone 5 in September, based on three sources “with direct knowledge of the company’s supply chain.”

Apple is fairly routine in the way they’ve been launching products in the past. The new iPhones have typically been launched in June at their Worldwide Developers Conference, with new iPods in September. With the overwhelming success of the iPad — the second version was launched in February — it seems Apple has had to shuffle the deck a bit.

The new iPhone is going to be similar in style to the iPhone 4, but with a faster processor (for technerds it’ll be the Dual-Core A5 chip that shipped with the iPad 2) and if Engadget is to be believed, “an 8 megapixel rear camera, improved antenna design, and that Qualcomm baseband for both GSM and CDMA models.”

Further, TUAW adds: “With Apple apparently focusing WWDC solely on software this year, it makes sense that the company would hold off introducing an iPhone 5 until September when iOS 5 will likely launch. It also makes more sense launching the iPhone in September — and not later — as it would allow Apple to sync iPod touch and iPhone hardware launches.”

Apple sources many of its components from Taiwan-based suppliers, many of whom are expected to benefit from an uptick in sales as some of them rely on the U.S. company for about 20-40 percent of their business, said Vincent Chen, an analyst at Yuanta Securities.

“For some suppliers, Apple is their cash cow, or their bread and butter,” Chen said.

“With all these versions being launched so frequently, it will be the so-called low-margin suppliers, such as those that assemble the phones, who will benefit the most.”

Suppliers to the new iPhone include camera module maker Largan Precision Co Ltd, touchscreen panel maker Wintek Corp and case maker Foxconn Technology Co Ltd, two of the people said.

The companies would begin production either in July or August before shipping components to Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, flagship of Foxconn Technology Group, for assembly, they said.

GigaOm indicates the move to leak this news has more to do with stock price than it does about product development. “Were Apple to just go on stage at WWDC, talk about software and call it a night without any advance preparation or warning, it might drastically affect investor, analyst and consumer confidence in the company. If the news is something everyone expects by the time it actually happens, on the other hand, the effect won’t be nearly as severe.”

There’s no indication that Apple will also have cuddly puppies, rainbows or solve world hunger at their September event.

(image courtesy of engadget)

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