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Immediately Iconic Shot from Occupy Portland

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By HVnews on November 18, 2011

We do not live in a police state. The overzealous reactions to #Occupy protesters across the country on the part of city police departments is not indicative of a full-scale totalitarian suppression of our fundamental, individual rights. What we are witnessing, however, are abuses of power and the consequences-free behavior of men and women of authority who have the backing of the state.

But sometimes it *feels* like a police state. When an NYPD white-shirt can pepper spray defenseless women and face the music of a 10-day vacation slap on the wrist, you almost have to wonder how close we’re getting to that point. The #Occupy movement, if nothing else, is shining a light on the line.

The latest such ugly, abusive incident took place in Portland on Wednesday, part of a solidarity protest on the “Day of Action.” Veteran Oregonian staff photographer Randy L. Rasmussen was on hand to catch this instantly iconic photo of a protester taking it in the face.

The Oregonian has more on the scene:

A police officer deployed pepper spray at Southwest Yamhill, between the JP Morgan Chase bank and Pioneer Courthouse Square. The photo was taken from the southeast corner of the square, looking toward the intersection of 6th and Yamhill after a day of marching through downtown Portland by Occupy Portland participants.

It’s been a tough week for women young and old in the Pacific Northwest — 84-year-old Dorli Rainey ate a face full of pepper spray at Occupy Seattle earlier in the week:

That’s messed up, man. That’s just messed up.


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