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Lohandcuffs: Lindsay Led Away in ‘Em

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By HVentertainment on October 19, 2011

The world’s a crazy, mixed-up place. This country’s in the midst of a battle for the soul of the republic. And yet with everything going on, from famine to drought to protests to unemployment to war, people still care about the fate of the trainwreck that is Lindsay Lohan’s life.

No judgment there. If you’re in that camp, good for you. We all need escapism.

And if you are one of those folks, today is your lucky day — Lohan was led out of a Los Angeles County courtroom in handcuffs on Wednesday after a judge revoked her probation.

The Los Angeles Times has more on the hearing:

Lindsay Lohan was taken into custody yet again after Judge Stephanie Sautner on Wednesday revoked probation, pending a hearing, in her 2007 DUI and 2011 theft cases.

Sautner, who set bail at $50,000 in each case for a total of $100,000, pointed out that Lohan’s own actions had left her in a position where it was impossible for the actress to complete her sentence.

Though attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told the judge that the bail bondsman was in the courtroom — after a hearing date was set and probation was revoked — Lohan couldn’t avoid the cuffs. On a live camera feed from the courthouse, she was seen being taken off by deputies to be processed, hands behind her back, white dress flowing around her.

Sautner also said that, should Lohan make bail and want to “mitigate” anything before her Nov. 2 hearing, it would be wise between now and then to work no less than two eight-hour shifts a week at the morgue toward the 120 morgue hours that were also part of the sentence.

Lohan’s next courtroom appearance will be November 2nd. Fantastic.

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