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Humbug! Scrooges Steal Neighbor’s Christmas Decorations to Display in Own Yard

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By HVnews on December 13, 2011

Police have arrested two suspects in Sweetwater, Florida who are accused of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas ornaments and decorations out of a neighbor’s yard.

Worse, thanks to the customary stupidity of so many Floridians, the thieves were busted after displaying the inflatable Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Santa and penguins on their own lawn…which is less than a block away from the victim’s house. The resident was also able to catch the thieves on tape with a security camera she set up on the front of her home, WSVN reports.

Local police went to bust the Scrooges, and fortunately for everyone not involved, a TV news crew showed up to film the arrest in progress. This is Christmas in Florida.

It still unclear why the one family has a security system set up at their home. It’s all we can think about, because these types of stupid crimes happen all the time in Florida. Was the security system just to protect the holiday decorations or just to have for everyday security?

Inquiring minds need to know.

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