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Headlines That Suck: Naked Golf to Uniboob to Taiwanese Hitler Love

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By One Minute News on September 30, 2011

Every week HyperVocal and One Minute News team up to bring you the weekly worst from the world of media. It’s all about separating nonsense from the news — these are your Headlines That Suck.

One Minute News correspondent Charlie Berens brings us this week’s worst headlines, which include a naked man on a golf course, a weird case of “uniboob,” Hitler memorabilia in Taiwan and a drunk man showing up for his drunk driving arrest hearing. Oh, but there’s more.

If you happen to see any headlines that suck, go ahead and send them to hello@oneminutenews.com or contact@hypervocal4.wpengine.com. If they suck hard enough, we may just feature them next week.


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