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Frazier, Floyd, Tyson…This Dude? Store Clerk KOs Armed Robber with Wicked Left Hook

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By HVnews on December 26, 2011

To properly psyche you up for this one, it might be wise to watch some professional left hooks:

Joe Frazier dropped Muhammad Ali with a wicked left hook in the last round of their first fight. Sugar Ray Robinson used his infamous left hook to rack up an 85-0 record as an amateur. Floyd Patterson, Gerry Cooney, Mike Tyson — they all threw devastating left hooks. Even Tommy “Gunn” Morrison got in on the “best left hook in history” action when he crumpled Razor Ruddock in 1995.

Derek Mothershead, a We Buy Gold store clerk in Hendersonville, North Carolina, made his case for inclusion on the best amateur left hook list. You must see the power and might in this forceful punch when 25-year-old gunman Mostafa Hendi barged into the store demanding money:

Maybe Glenn Beck and Ron Paul are right. As society breaks down, they will come for your gold.

The best part of the story? As you heard at the end of the video, Mothershead actually helped stop Hendi’s bleeding while waiting for the cops. What a guy: He will knock you out, then prop you up.

“If he wants money, get a job. Work like everybody else in this world,” Mothershead told ABC. “I was scared about the gun. When I made my mind up, I said I got to hit him with everything I’ve got.”

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(via Larry Brown Sports via The Big Lead)

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