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Fox News Christians Flood Facebook Page With Death Threats Toward Atheist

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By HVmedia on August 9, 2011

Onward, Christian soldiers! Blair Scott, communications director for the American Atheists group, made the bold decision to swing by Fox News’ “America Live” on July 28th to discuss his group’s lawsuit, which hopes to stop the erection of a cross at the World Trade Center Memorial.

Obviously, this did not go over so well with Fox News viewers, who took to Facebook to express their displeasure with Scott. Somewhere along the way, these fine Christians forgot the whole thing about “Thou shall not kill,” turning the other cheek, or even to a lesser degree, Jesus’ message of compassion and love for those that need it the most. Here’s a sample of good shepherding:

Admins tried to scrub the Facebook page, which was 2.2 million fans, and they even took down the post a few days later. But the atheist blogger behind One Man’s Blog managed to capture screenshots — including those above.

“We make every attempt to keep our Facebook page as safe as possible,” Peter Drace, Fox News VP and creative director of promotion, said in a statement to Yahoo!’s The Cutline. “And we take immediate steps to remove all hateful and dangerous language.”

All Facebook notes: “The atheists’ lawsuit filed last month contends that the 9/11 display of the cross is unconstitutional for ‘mingling of church and state.’ The group is adamant about the fact that no other religions or philosophies will be honored if the city moves forward with its plans to erect the religious symbol. Organizers of the 9/11 museum, feel that the cross, which is a symbol of hope for many, should have a place at the memorial.”

But, the New York Times points out that the cross in question is actually a set of steal beams from the original World Trade Center that people clung to in the aftermath of the attacks. Even though we’d be the first to espouse the importance of the separation of church and state, it feels like the steel-beamed cross also has historical significance related to the 9/11 terror attacks and belongs on site or in the designated museum.

Perhaps the atheists should stop their lawsuit and stop thinking every little religious-related thing is an attack against atheism. At the same time, maybe Fox News viewers should dial down their hatred a few notches and chill the Fox out. Cheek, other one, turn it.

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