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Florida Love Triangle Ends with Teen Beaten, Shot & Burned

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By HVnews on April 21, 2011

It sounds like something out of a Larry Clark film. Maybe even a Bizarro version of Bully.

But what happened in Ocala, Florida, this weekend is all too real. A bizarre love triangle between a 15-year-old Belleview boy, a 15-year-old girl and her 18-year-old new boyfriend ended with the gruesome murder of Seath Tyler Jackson, who was reportedly lured to a home under false pretenses.

Here’s the story as it’s being pieced together by authorities: The 15-year-old Jackson was lured to a Summerfield house on Sunday by his ex-girlfriend, Amber E. Wright, and a friend, Charlie Kay Ely. It’s there where Wright’s new boyfriend, 18-year-old Michael Bargo, and Ely began hitting Jackson in the head with wooden objects, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Police authorities say that Bargo then shot Jackson several times, and when Jackson tried to escape, 20-year-old Justin Soto held the boy down while Bargo continued to shoot him.

As if that weren’t sick enough, then the story gets truly twisted: Bargo, according to the police report, then broke Jackson’s knees and the group “hog-tied him” and placed his body in a sleeping bag. The group then put his body in a fire pit in the back yard and burned it.

Having seen one too many CSI episodes, police say the group then used bleach to clean the house and shoveled Jackson’s remains into five-gallon paint cans.

“Detectives said Bargo’s stepfather drove him to a quarry to dump the ashes. Dive teams recovered the paint cans used to sink the remains,” according to WESH.

The incident took place on Sunday. Jackson’s parents didn’t actually report him missing until Monday. Police say said they “learned of the alleged plot from a member of the group who confessed to witnessing the killing,” according to CNN.

WKMG Local 6 in Orlando has more on the arrests and charges:

According to deputies, Jackson was hit in the head with a wooden object and shot multiple times by 18-year-old Michael Bargo, who is charged with first-degree murder.

The others arrested were:

* Charlie Kay Ely, 18, of Summerfield, who is charged with first-degree murder.
* Amber E. Wright, 15, of Summerfield, who is charged with first-degree murder.
* Justin Soto, 20, of Summerfield, who is charged with first-degree murder.
* James Haven III, 37, of Summerfield, who is charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder.
* Kyle Hooper, 16, of Summerfield, who is charged with first-degree murder.

Deputies said Hooper, Wright, Ely, Soto and Bargo were involved in the planning and luring of Jackson to the home.

All six suspects were being held in the Marion County Jail.

Somehow Jackson’s Facebook page is still active, and there’s a thread from April 7th in which the victim and his ex-girlfriend are fighting online. You can sense something brewing, but not murder:

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