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Florida Atlantic University Cop Meets Escort, Refuses To Pay & Shoots Her Twice

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By HVnews on February 1, 2011

Not that terrible: Hiring an escort online.
Getting worse: You’re a police officer.
Pretty bad: Refusing to pay her because you have no money.
Totally fucked: Pulling a .38-caliber handgun on her and then handcuffing her.
Going to special place in hell: Shooting and paralyzing her.

In late November we used The Bad Lieutenant analogy after a Maryland police officer began sending aggressively lewd and inappropriate, dickless-but-Favreian text messages to a fraud victim to whom he’d just responded on official business. That was bad. But not bad like this.

Jimmy Dac Ho, a corporal in the Florida Atlantic University police department’s night-shift patrol division, has certainly earned the title after this one. The 47-year-old officer immediately confessed to police to shooting 29-year-old Sheri Deann Carter, an escort he met online.

Carter used the alias Stephanie on the free classifieds site backpage.com, and Dac Ho agreed to meet. He went to Sheri Deann Carter’s condo in Boynton Beach, Florida to have sex, according to his statement to police. But, he claimed, when he told her he didn’t have any money, she pulled a gun on him and said he was not leaving until she got paid. Dac Ho pulled out his .38-caliber handgun as a threat after she pulled a knife, he told police. He said he then handcuffed her, and when he attempted to unhandcuff her, she struggled. Then two shots were fired.

Police say Carter’s lower body was paralyzed from a gunshot to the abdomen.

According to South Florida’s CBS12: Police say Carter’s boyfriend got a text at 4:21 PM saying she was with a client who was acting “weird and scary.” After that he lost contact with her.

Police found Dac Ho by accessing Carter’s cell phone record and traced calls immediately prior to Carter’s last text to a phone owned by Dac Ho. His fiancee confirmed he was not home at the time the shooting is believed to have occurred.

Police arrested Dac Ho on Tuesday on an attempted first-degree murder charge. He then resigned his position with the FAU police department, as seen in his letter here:

CBS12 aired this an exclusive perp walk, featuring Ho draped in a bedsheet. Either he feels tremendous shame, or he’s getting an early in with the Aryan brothers in his future prison.

Dac Ho probably won’t be logging onto backpage.com any more, and not a moment too soon. CBS12 added this nugget: “Police said Dac Ho, listed as a corporal in the FAU police department’s night-shift patrol division, was involved in another police incident involving backpage.com in 2009 in which Ho appeared to be nearly victimized in a Nigerian-style check scam.” Bad site for that guy.

Carter is now listed in stable condition.

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