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Fan Fight! Jay Mohr’s Twitter Followers Apparently Do Not Know Who Jay Mohr Is

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By HVentertainment on November 8, 2011

What started as a comic making a pretty funny Jerry Sandusky/Penn State/Google friend prank joke on Twitter has turned into Jay Mohr now lecturing his followers about why they well and truly suck.

Here’s the as-appropriate-as-a-joke-can-be-about-this-subject-matter tweet:

Some of Mohr’s followers, who apparently are following his Twitter feed without knowing that he makes these kinds of awesomely crude jokes all the time, didn’t take too kindly to this one.

A sampling:

@ravensdale: “nothing funnier than 10 year olds getting raped. Can’t wait for your career’s death rattle on Celebrity Apprentice.”

@TheKrauHouse: “Wow, @jaymohr37 always says how he “used to” be an asshole, but he proved today he still is. #Unfollow”

@JBeamTwo: “I think of you more as a semi-intelligent video game. Like a Speak-and-Spell but slightly wittier.”

@Derse12: “Great idea ask your friends to google @jaymohr37 tweets have them type ‘what a fucking asshole'”

You get the idea.

After trying to reason with them — “it’s not a pedophile joke morons” and “O.K. try and follow. (if ur not blocked) It’s a joke about tricking your friend into googling something that would get them in trouble” — Mohr explained that people with no sense of humor should “just stick to following.”

When that didn’t work, he tried this: “If Twitter never existed, comics would have EXACT # of people in their audiences. This is just a place to goof off. SO many of you are sad.”

And then a few more, with a “lemmings” drop and FOLLOWERS in all caps:

Of course, Mohr then went back and deleted it all. Praise Tebow for inventing screenshots.

So what do you think? Funny? Not funny? Harsh follow-ups? Not harsh enough? Weigh in…

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