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Family Tragedy at Indian Waterfall Caught on Video

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By HVnews on July 18, 2011

In the latest installment of Faces of Death, three members of an Indian family drowned after a flash flood swept them away at Patalpani Falls near Indore on Sunday.

The family of five was picnicking at the weekend getaway for the first time, India Today reports. They were all standing out in the river just ahead of the 300 ft. falls when they got caught by a sudden rising river flow. As they attempted to make it back to shore from their place of relative safety, one of the family members fell into the raging river, taking the other four with them.

Perhaps, most distressing and somewhat incredibly, a tourist captured the entire incident on video.

According to police, two of them survived the fall. Firefighters have managed to find the body of one of the deceased family and are currently searching for the other two.

According to Samay Live:

The victims are identified as Nanuram (25) of Badnawar, Anishq (18) Chavi (22), Chandrashekhar Rathi (55) and Mudita Rathi (22) of Harda. Nanuram of Badnawar and Anishq were rescued alive.

The body of Chavi (22), daughter of Purshottam Dhoot and a resident of Aggrawal Nagar was fished out.

Eyewitnesses to the event were instrumental in saving the lives of Nanuram and Anishq. After local villagers were alerted to the event, they were able to make it to the bottom of the falls three hours later to provide assistance to the two who survived.

It’s difficult not to judge the situation because the reality is the person video-taping the incident could probably have done little to save the family. However, it’s yet another example of a tragedy happening while someone chooses to videotape the incident rather than do anything to try and help.

It’s a distressing time we live in.

The Straits Times notes: “Almost 200,000 people have been effected [sic] by flooding in the north-eastern state of Assam and monsoon rains have created havoc in several other states including in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtara and Uttar Pradesh.”

But there has been nothing quite as powerful and visceral as to the flooding’s destruction as watching this family fall over the waterfall’s edge. It’s just horrific.

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