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Elderly Man Punched Into Plate-Glass Window After Bad Karaoke Performance

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By HVnews on October 7, 2011

If it were a movie, we’d probably laugh. After all, most people have a dark, suppressed desire to beat up really awful karaoke singers. It’s probably because bad karaoke singers make easy targets, but also because they are convenient manifests for the frustrations of the world at large.

Have a bad day at work? Slug a terrible karaoke singer. Had a fight with the significant other? Throw garbage at an off-key singer. Heckle that person who should have gotten the hook.

Nobody really does these things, but after a few beers those thoughts start to swirl in the recesses of the brain, and many times it doesn’t take much to go from thought to action.

Paul Collen, 42-year-old man, has been convicted of punching a 79-year-old man into a plate glass window after complaining about the older man’s karaoke singing at a hotel bar in western New York.

A jury convicted Collen of second-degree assault for breaking the man’s nose and unspecified facial bones. And for punching him through a plate glass window.

(We’d be lying if we didn’t admit, holy crap, that’s kind of amazing. Who does that?)

The assault occurred during one of the bar’s weekly karaoke nights. The Associate Press reports Collen complained about the man’s singing, “then began punching him before several patrons stepped in to stop the assault.”

Collen will be sentenced Oct. 26 and faces up to seven years in prison. Karaoke is a serious business. It’s not to be trifled with, son.

Sure, punching a dude through a window isn’t on par with murdering someone like they do in the Philippines for singing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” (completely understandable, since the first rule of karaoke is you don’t sing Sinatra’s “My Way.”) Nor is it as bad as the 2007 incident involving Liverpool footballers Craig Bellamy and John Arne Riise — Bellamy allegedly attacked Riise with a golf club because the Norwegian defender didn’t feel like singing karaoke with Bellamy.

But punching a grandpa clear into a plate-glass window because you didn’t like his singing or choice of song? That’s some serious hate and anger right there.

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