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“Drama Free” Party Anything But: Teen Girl Paralyzed After Shooting in Queens NY

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By HVnews on August 29, 2011

A Queens, NY party advertised on Facebook and Twitter as “Drama Free” turned into a shooting gallery early Saturday after a gunman opened fire into the crowd of roughly 100.

Eleven young people were shot, including a teenage girl left paralyzed.

NYPD said six males ages 15 to 23, and five women, ages 15 to 21, were shot, with bullets hitting them in their arms, legs, hands and feet. An unidentified 15-year-old girl was shot in the back, and police said the bullet severed her spine leaving her paralyzed.

Allan Dawkins, 23, threw the bash as a going away party for his younger sister Florence, who was moving to Washington. Like most parties for people that age, Dawkins was charging those in attendance $3 for dudes and $1 for the ladies.

“Everything was all smooth, and then the shots started coming through the gate, and everybody started running,” Dawkins told the NY Post.

“IDs were being checked and everybody was being searched through the front,” he said. “So he [the shooter] probably came in, seen somebody he had issues with, went home and got his gun.”

Dawkins said when the shooting stopped, the wounded 15-year-old girl, a friend of his sister he knows as “Frenchie,” was lying face down in the yard.

“A lot of people didn’t know they were hit,” he said. “One guy made it to the boulevard [Rockaway], and that’s four blocks away. The only person who knew she was hit was the girl, and one guy.”

A young girl standing with a group outside the house yesterday said, “nobody in the backyard realized those were shots until the third or fourth one went off. People in front of the house started running in all directions right away, but those in the backyard didn’t. I can’t understand why.”

Police said they recovered several 9-mm. bullet casings from the scene.

We’d hate to see what “Drama Plus” parties looks like in Queens if this is “Drama Free.”

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