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DISTURBING VIDEO: Congressmen Speak at Hateful Anti-Muslim Protest

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Lee Brenner

By Lee Brenner on March 4, 2011

Just watch this video below.

If the video isn’t disturbing to you, then in your mind, replace the word “Muslim” with “Jew” or “Gay” or “Black” or even better, with “Timothy McVeigh-loving Christian.” Now is it disturbing?

Yes, the Supreme Court upheld the right to “freedom of speech” this week, even if that speech is hate. And frankly, it was the right decision. It is sad, however, when innocent, American children, whether they are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, are subjected to this hateful speech by their neighbors. What’s next? Maybe they should ban people from shopping in Muslim-owned businesses? Or maybe have a night when they break all the windows of those businesses and ransack their homes?

Yes, terrorism is a horrid, evil practice, but these protesters are outside an event in Yorba Linda, California, that was organized by the Islamic Circle of North America. According to the press release, the theme of the evening was “Our Responsibility towards Our Neighbors: An Islamic Perspective.” Further, ICNA is an organization that provides local disaster relief and social services to under-served populations within the United States, according to their website.

Members of Congress should be upheld to a higher standard. After hearing their hateful talk, Congressman Ed Royce and Gary Miller should be relegated to the outer halls of Congress by Speaker Boehner and then “fired” by their constituents in 2012. At least they’ll have a great deal more time to watch Fox News and Glenn Beck. Actually, maybe they should stay in Congress. I’m not sure which fate is worse for the country.

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