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Dilbert Creator Scott Adams: Bah, Rape is Just a Natural Male Instinct

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By HVculture on June 17, 2011

Dilbert isn’t the best comic strip ever — it’s certainly no Far Side — but it is an astutely observed and occasionally funny slice of corporate ennui and skulduggery. It was The Office before that was a thing.

But the more that Scott Adams, the man behind the comic strip, opens his mouth, the harder it is to find the desire to keep reading the strip. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Whether it was Adams trolling message boards in the name of his own genius or comparing women to the mentally handicapped, the man has demonstrated a certain knack for jamming his shoe right down his gullet.

Thankfully for all mankind, now Adams has graced the world by taking the time to dive into the relationship between animal instincts and gender on his blog. Not pretty:

Basically, what Adams is saying is that people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anthony Weiner and, well, take your pick, shouldn’t be blamed for their Twitter dick pics or cheating ways because it’s their nature. Further, raping women and being offensive is also okay because, hey!, it’s our nature as men and therefore our God-given right to do as we please and not have to apologize or feel guilty for our actions.

The whole thing wouldn’t be so bad if Adams were just trying to make the general point that resisting certain impulses is difficult, and if they don’t harm anyone else we shouldn’t have to apologize to society at large. That’s fine. It might not be the opinion everybody shares when it comes to say, Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal, but it’s not so outrageous either.

But Adams is really pushing the envelope, no doubt to raise a reaction and drive some page views to his blog. It’s just unfortunate to see someone act like an amateur psychologist as a means of defending a man’s right to act without regard to other people, and especially women.

As a man, it’s also offensive to suggest that we as a gender are nothing more than sexually charged demons — that our “natural instincts” is not to comfort and take care of others, not to love and be patient, not to work hard and be funny, not to do any of the things that most men do on a daily basis for their families or girlfriends or wives or mothers and grandmothers.

Nope, according to Scott Adams all we want to do is just rape women and cheat on our girlfriends. It’s hard to believe that he thinks so little of his own gender. (via comicsalliance)

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