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CAPTION IT: Kanye West Occupies Wall Street…for Minutes

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By HVentertainment on October 10, 2011

Russell Simmons escorted Kanye West down to Zuccotti Park on Monday at about 4 pm for a disproportionately more temporary Occupation of Wall Street than the protesters.

Russia Today producer/reporter Lucy Kafanov noted it ended in a hurry: “Well that was quick. Rap artist Kanye West makes appearance at #OWS. Doesn’t speal to anyone. He and @UncleRUSH get in a car and leave.” Gothamist has a solid rundown of the bizarre brief appearance.

So, as usual in this odd moments, we’re calling for your captions.

We’ll start: I’mma let you finish, but the Tea Party had the best political protests OF ALL TIME.

Okay, your turn. Whatcha got? Leave ’em below in the comments section.


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