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Big Boi Stopped By a Miami Courthouse to Profess His Patriotism

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By HVentertainment on October 14, 2011

One-half of the rap duo Outkast appeared in a Miami courtroom Thursday to accept a plea deal to avoid jail time related to his two felony drug charges stemming from an incident last August when he was arrested after disembarking on a cruise ship carrying MDMA, ecstasy and weed.

If you guess it was Big Boi — lover of strip poles, being cheered wildly upon entering the courthouse and the psuedo-gangsta lifestyle that goes with being a successful rapper — then you guessed right!

According to NBC Miami, if Boi, aka 36-year-old Andre Patton, passes three months of drug testing, completes fifteen hours of community service, and donates $2,000 to charity, the charges will be dismissed. We’re guessing that’s going to be a done deal.

If you think he’s getting off easy, think again. “It’s a pre-trial judicial monitoring program,” explained Big Boi’s attorney, Richard Hersch, who looks like he’s 12. “It’s available throughout the courthouse. He’s not being treated any differently.”

So there. Still, whatever. It’s like hearing that a 90s rapper got shot. What makes all this so delicious is Big Boi’s prep school outfit he donned and the way he peaced out of court by making a mockery of it.

We’re just sad he wasn’t wearing his Angus Young little boy shorts with the outfit. Would that have been too much to ask?

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