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Bad Trifecta: Revenge Master, Teen Hitman, Gamer Freaks

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By HVnews on July 26, 2011

Think you know some bad people? No, here’s a real-deal trifecta of bad people.

A 14-year-old hitman gets three years in Mexican prison, one man almost gets away with craziest revenge plot ever, and Chinese parents sell their three kids for video game money…

A Revenge Plot So Intricate, the Prosecutors Were Pawns [NYT]

(pic via Gawker)

A year into the relationship of Seemona Sumasar and Jerry Ramrattan, things began to unravel. So Ramrattan did what any loyal boyfriend would do: He taped her mouth and raped her. Okay, maybe not *any* loyal boyfriend. After being arrested for the brutal sexual assault, the Law & Order and CSI devotee began plotting his revenge with the knowledge he gleaned from the shows and from his time as a police informant. And that’s when he set in motion “what prosecutors in New York called one of the most elaborate framing plots that they had ever seen.” He framed her so well that prosecutors charged Sumasar with carrying out a series of armed robberies.

The key to his scheme, prosecutors said, was to spread fake clues over time, fooling police into believing that all the evidence pointed to Ms. Sumasar.

They said he coached the supposed victims, driving them past Ms. Sumasar’s house so that they could describe her Jeep Grand Cherokee and showing them her photo so they could pick her out of a police lineup.

The setup began in September 2009, prosecutors said. An illegal immigrant from Trinidad told the police that he had been handcuffed and robbed of $700 by an Indian woman who was disguised as a police officer and had a gun, according to court documents.

Prosecutors said Mr. Ramrattan had persuaded the immigrant to lie, telling him that he could receive a special visa for victims of violent crimes.

Six months later, another man said he had been robbed in Nassau County by two police impersonators and described the main aggressor as an Indian woman about Ms. Sumasar’s height. The man said he had managed to take down the first three letters of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s New York license plate — AJD.

She lost the restaurant she ran, her house, even her daughter. It’s a wild story. Read it.

El Ponchis: Teen guilty of beheading at least 4 in Mexico [CNN]

Back in December, the Mexican military captured a 14-year-old boy after a month-long manhunt for the San Diego-born hitman. Mexican Army soldiers had been searching for Edgar Jimenez Lugo on suspicion of killing rivals, even going so far as to behead some of them. The boy, nicknamed “El Ponchis,” has allegedly been working and killing for drug cartels since he turned 11.

On Tuesday, El Ponchis was found guilty in a Mexican court of torturing and beheading at least four people and kidnapping three others. The court sentenced Jimenez to three years at a correctional facility, the maximum under Mexican law, and he must pay a four and a half million Mexican peso fine (about $387,500 USD). “The Cloak” wasn’t just a bystander either:

A YouTube video that circulated last year purportedly showed the teenager beating a man with a two-by-four while the man was tied at the wrists and hanging from the ceiling, as other young people watched.

The teen was accused of of crimes related to drug trafficking – specifically cocaine and marijuana – illegal possession of military weapons, and violations against federal organized crime law “with the objective of committing kidnappings and aggravated murder,” juvenile court spokesman Juan Carlos Castro said before the trial.

Most 14-year-olds get a thrill from lazy handjobs from schoolgirls. This dude was beheading people.

Couple Sells Kids To Fund Gaming Obsession [KTLA]


A Chinese couple wanted more money to do this, so here’s what the genius plan they came up with:

The Sanxiang City News (translated by ABC News, via VideoGamer.com) reports the couple, which met in an internet cafe, sold their second born child, a girl, for less than $500 in 2009.

When Li Lin and Li Juan needed more money to fund their online gaming hobby they sold their first born, a boy, for about $4,600, according to the paper.

The couple, who are both under 21, then had a third child, another boy, who was also sold for about $4,600.

The two Lis said they didn’t know what they were doing was against the law. They also confessed to not wanting the kids in the first place and that they just wanted money for more video games.

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