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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Pauses, Admits TelePrompter Died During Business Speech

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By HVpolitics on March 10, 2011

One of the more ludicrously laughable insults routinely hurled at President Barack Obama is his reliance on the TelePrompter, as if every politician that’s preceded him has eschewed the public speaking aid.

It’s always just as funny to see members of the right-wing echo chamber fall victim to their own attacks. Most famously, political celebrity Sarah Palin was caught cribbing off her hand. And on Wednesday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had a TelePrompter gaffe of her own.

While highlighting business and job growth in her home state, Gov. Brewer’s TelePrompter died in the middle of a sentence. She said “As we limit the growth of the public sector and restrain unnecessary regulation, stimulate the engine of free enterprise…” Then she paused. For a while. Having nowhere to turn but the truth, Brewer added, “Well, the Teleprompter went dead.” KSAZ has the video:

The governor finished by reading a hard copy of the speech.

Hey, at least it wasn’t as bad as last year’s gubernatorial debate, when incumbent Governor Brewer paused for what seemed like an eternity…during her opening statement.

Nonetheless, President Obama can’t possibly be a good president because he uses a TelePrompter.

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