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[VIDEO] Yet Another Taco Shop Fight: This One’s Got 100% More Drag Queens

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By HVvids on March 10, 2011

Last week, a group of men dressed in women’s clothing and wigs got into a melee in the early morning hours at La Fuente Mexican Food restaurant in San Diego. In other words: Drag Queen Brawl, y’all!

There must be something in the soda machine or meat-substitute tacos, given that this is the second fracas this week to break out at a taco shop. This time around, however, we’re treated to wigs flying, high-heeled crotch kicks, a flurry of slaps and the prettiest dresses.

And how did this kerfuffle begin? “They were arguing about who had the better body. There was just a lot of arguing going on,” said Sid Young, an eye-witness and bouncer at a nearby bar. “Wigs were flying. There were big, high-heeled shoes flying.”

Police arrived to break up the scuffle, which resulted in no arrests.

Aside from the fabulous outfits being worn, it was just another night at La Fuente — an employee said fights break out there at least once a month. Which means it might be time to accept the horrible truth that fast-food taco shops are the new Denny’s.

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