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Anarchy in the UK: Violent Riot Ravages North London

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By HVnews on August 7, 2011

Thirty-five police officers were injured and 170 people were arrested after two nights of violent rioting in the North London area of Tottenham. The open clash between police and an angry mob of hundreds began two days after 29-year-old father of four, Mark Duggan, was killed by local officers.

Organizers of the vigil outside the police station said they wanted justice for Duggan’s family. Duggan was shot in what police are saying was an “exchange” of gunfire while trying to apprehend him.

One eyewitness to the action told the BBC that violence started after 5 pm when police hit a 16-year-old girl with batons after she approached them to try to talk. As the sun went down, rioters set fire to patrol cars, local shops and even a double-decker bus. Here are some images and videos from the scene:

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