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Add “Jesus Socks” to List of Weird Savior-Related Sightings

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By HVculture on December 28, 2011

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Sometimes he just hangs out on high. Then sometimes he likes to appear on common household items and breakfast foods. Take Jesus on toastJesus on banana, Jesus on a drainpipe or even the flip side, a piece of toast etched on Jesus’ face.

It’s time to add some laundry to the list of savior-related everyday imagery. A woman found Jesus this week on a freshly laundered sock as she was hanging her clothing out to dry, according to the Daily Mail.

“I’d left the washing out to dry overnight – and it had probably been sitting there a bit too long when I noticed the face in the sock,” said Sarah Crane of Kent, UK.

“I called my boyfriend over straight away – we could both clearly see the face of Jesus in the sock. There is a straight-on face, and a side profile too – we couldn’t believe it.”

“I immediately took some pictures to show our family and friends – they all thought it was hilarious.

“We think it’s a bit of a sign – but for what we don’t know.”

Although the wrinkled mass is no Shroud of Turin, Crane had built a shrine for it. But some of the creases on Jesus’ face fell away as she tried to move it to its new home.

“Unfortunately, it’s not quite good enough to donate to our local church, but our friends have all been round to see it,” she said. To see photos, click over to the Daily Mail.

In addition to Sock Jesus, and these dogs’ butts, here are five other awesome religious sightings:

1. Jesus on a utility pole in South Carolina: “You can’t spray Jesus with Roundup,” said a utility man about using herbicide on kudzu, a spreading vine.

2. Jesus on grilled cheese: “The Lord works in mysterious ways, but I don’t think there’s any magic to it. But it is a reminder that the Lord is with you every day of your life.”

3. Jesus on a moth: “I immediately thought it looked like Jesus and that was what was so cool cause you’ve seen His face in grilled cheese sandwiches and windows and things but on a moth’s back…we thought that was pretty neat.”

4. Our Lady of the Underpass: “Thawing sludge appears in a Chicago underpass, and everybody flocked to see it because it was the Virgin Mary.”

5. Jesus on an ultrasound: Video presented without comment.

Also, if you want, you can make Jesus toast anytime you want — by purchasing a Jesus toaster: “Take this and eat; this is my body. It is now the most important meal of the day. Remember to eat me with an 8 oz. glass of orange juice, a slice of banana and some peanut butter.”

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