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A New Lowe: Islamaphobe Idiots Get Daily Show’d

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By HVmedia on December 14, 2011

The Florida Family Association is livid.

The group believes TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras, which depicts li’l booty-shakers and future pole dancers, is quality programming for the whole family, but All-American Muslim, which depicts a bunch of boring people doing nothing exciting, is killing society one slow episode at a time.

Their chief complaint? All-American Muslim doesn’t show the radical, terroristic element of Islam, and since we all know every Muslim wants to kill us, it must be pulled off the air before it changes our belief system entirely. Sadly, that’s a completely accurate summation of their absurd grievances.

So the FFA got to writin’, and they actually got Lowe’s to pull their ads from the show. Let’s destroy something together! Of course, the story made for perfect fodder for Jon Stewart and The Daily Show writers, who must be sick and tired of coming to the quick rescue of rational thought.

Then, Aasif Mandvi explained why, without Lowe’s, “the jihadist goal is unachievable.”

Seriously, how does a group with “FAMILY” in the title watch Toddlers & Tiaras and All-American Muslim and decide that the boring one with no viewers is the one that need to be yanked? Silly us, clearly hate and ideology trumps parenting and reality every time that tube comes on.

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