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13 Pledges Inspired By Adulterer Newt Gingrich’s Pledge to Uphold Sanctity of Marriage

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on December 13, 2011

Remember the Ron Paul attack ad last week that accused former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of serial hypocrisy? Perhaps the Paul campaign should go back and edit that piece to include a new ending.

The serial adulterer on Monday threw more kindling on that serial hypocrisy fire. The new Republican frontrunner, who famously passed on signing a 14-point “pro-family” pledge unveiled by The Family Leader over the summer, sent an unintentionally hilarious letter to Bob Vander Plaats‘ God-fearing organization “vowing to defend and strengthen the family.”

In the paragraph about keeping marriage away from those dastardly, family-destroying gays, Gingrich wrote: “I also pledge to uphold the institution of marriage through personal fidelity to my spouse and respect for the marital bonds of others.”

Sounds great and all, but you may remember this is the same man who not only cheated on his ailing wife, but he did so as he was instigating and investigating the impeachment campaign against President Bill Clinton. As Doc Holiday might say, “It appears Newt’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

It’s certainly a brave move from the oft-criticized Gingrich. But it’s a good thing he did, because 13 other high-profile people and organizations decided to follow Newt’s strong, steady leadership and make pledges of their own. Take a look at who is making some bold pledges in Newt’s wake.

Charlie Sheen pledges to uphold the institution of sobriety and chastity.
• Fox News pledges to uphold the institution of journalism ethics.
Jerry Sandusky pledges to uphold the institution of childhood innocence.
Lindsay Lohan pledges to uphold her clothes.
Barack Obama pledges to uphold whatever Republicans want him to pledge to uphold.
Rick Perry pledges to uphold the pledges of, um, oops.
Vladimir Putin pledges to uphold the institution of electoral fairness.
Herman Cain pledges to uphold nobody’s head and push it down toward his lap.
Rupert Murdoch pledges to uphold his silence while eavesdropping on hacked phones.
Anthony Weiner pledges not to uphold the institution of boner tweeting.
The Royal Family pledges to uphold the institution of modest weddings.
NBC pledges to uphold its responsibility to keep Community on the air.
Kim Kardashian pledges to uphold the sanctity of Newt’s next marriage.

Good luck one and all. Have you heard of any other pledges being made? Let us know below.

Click Page 2 below to read Gingrich’s unintentionally hilarious letter to Bob Vander Plaats and the Executive Board of The FAMILY LEADER on what he will uphold as president…

And One Minute News‘ Charlie Berens has some thoughts on the subject:

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