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Educator Denies History In Order To Discriminate Against Latinos

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By HVnews on October 20, 2010

A Tuscon school district offers a class called “Mexican-American Studies” and educators say it’s helped to reduce dropouts, discipline problems and poor attendane. Good thing.

The superintendent blames the class for inspiring students to overthrow the American government, which has been recorded as actually happening a whole whopping zero times ever. That’s right. But, required reading for the class includes a book that calls America “occupied” as Mexico used to own a southwestern region including Arizona and California.

But don’t listen to us – this student, interviewed by CNN, says it best:

“I get really emotional because this class helped me a lot,” she said, becoming tearful. “We’re a family. We’re one, and it’s teaching us we can make a difference in this country. I don’t want this class to be taken away.”

Eleven educators have sued the superintendent and school board, calling the law “anti-Hispanic,” with the controversial anti-immigration law still looming on the state.

We attempted to contact Mexico’s Offensive Occupation Force and received no comment.

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