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Best Recap Ever: What the F*%k is Juan Williams Doing All Over My Life?

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By HVpolitics on October 21, 2010

Almost every day we’re handed a shiny new toy. Oh boy, a Jimmy McMillan! Goody, a Christine O’Donnell…WITH separation of church and state! Nooo waaay, a Juan Williams in mint condition!

The national news media and Internet pundits proceed to beat the living crap out of it (us included) until it’s no fun any more, then we throw it back in the box when our new toy comes. Sometimes it’s just the same toy in new packaging, but we play with it anyway, then throw it back in the box all over again.

Sometimes it’s nice to rise above the playground and take stock every once in a while. That’s why HyperVocal managing editor Danielle Fankhauser compiled this media overview of the nonsense that unfolded across the world wide web today. Here’s how it went down…

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