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Loud and Queer

Loud and Queer

Grindr, Gay Sex, and Gender As Usual

This piece is part of a special, multi-site series on “The End of Gender.” In it, Kyle Bella examines how and why sexual acts are tied to gender and what a geotagging casual sex app has to do with dismantling traditional roles.

I Can’t Escape Walking With Ghosts

“That feeling of rage registered as I realized political policies were being enacted across the country that are anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-queer. But I grew more angry when I realized that those around me weren’t doing anything about it.”

Singing the Post-Pride Blues

Since Pride week, Kyle Bella has been gripped by one of the most powerful feelings of malaise and disappointment that he can remember. Now he’s searching for an answer to the question that has haunted him for so long: How can the LGBTQ community grow?

Pride March More Than Just Go-Go Boys and Dance Parties

Is this weekend’s Pride march in NYC just a bunch of go-go dancers on vodka-sponsored floats and dance parties? For Kyle Bella, it’s much more. The recent victim of a heinous assault, he hopes to show that queer people can move beyond fear.

What Does It Mean to Be “Loud and Queer?”

To be queer is not just about looking at issues of sexuality or gender. It’s not just about “being gay.” So what is it? Activist and outspoken queer Kyle Bella explains what he thinks it means and asks you for your definition.