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The Mindful Foodist

The Mindful Foodist

Top Ten Health Foodie Trends of 2011

Once a non-dairy milk finds itself chillin’ in the refrigerated section of your local Safeway, it is officially trendy. But what else was hot this year, aside from coconut milk’s rise to power? Kristen Boye, The Mindful Foodist, breaks down 2011’s trends.

Summer Smoothies: Blending It All Together

As a follow-up to her “Should Protein be Powdered?” post earlier this week, The Mindful Foodist brings you three delicious, nutrient-dense, summer smoothie recipes to enjoy for breakfast, snack or anytime — they give you energy that lasts without the 3 pm crash.

The Mindful Foodist: Should Protein Be Powdered?

Protein may be the new “it” food, but how often do we ask the questions, “What kind of protein is in this meal replacement smoothie?” and “Is it good for me?” The Mindful Foodist weighs the pros and cons of popular protein powders in this post.

Are You Eating Enough of This?

When’s the last time someone asked you if you’re getting enough coconut in your diet? If you’re like most Americans, probably never (Mounds bars don’t count). The Mindful Foodist tells you why you should and how you could be eating more.

Gut Feeling: Food for Your Second Brain

Did you know your intestinal tract is just as important to your mental health as your head? Check out The Mindful Foodist’s latest post on which foods to eat and which to avoid in order to best to feed your “second brain” and be twice as smart.