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Creative Outlooks

Creative Outlooks

Some Much-Needed Perspective on ‘KONY 2012’

The highly successful “Kony 2012” campaign has already been criticized by some as insulting and arrogant – but why? This personal story by long-time Invisible Children advocate Jack Reilly helps explain what’s really going on with social activism.

PoP Sister School Program – Remember Pen Pals?

Thirty-nine schools completed. Twelve ongoing builds. Eight schools in planning stages. More than 1,000 students enrolled in Pencils of Promise schools abroad, and 800,000+ hours of education delivered. But it’s getting even better. Here’s why.

Thre.ad: A Step Ahead of the Industry

A void exists in the world of fashion, and it is beckoning for a solution from our global society — a solution from people and their inspirations. Mimi Nguyen’s latest undertaking, Thre.ad, may be that solution. Jack Reilly takes us inside the start-up world.