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TBD.com Unveils the Greatest Typo/Correction in Internet History (with screenshot)

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Nobody’s perfect. And when you’re working long hours, staring at the same words on a screen for a long time, it’s possible for even the best of copy editors to insert a typo into the wrong spot.

Unfortunately for Amanda Hess over at DC-news site TBD.com, the eagle eyes at Fark spotted what might just be the greatest typo/correction in history.

In Hess’ post on Friday about HIV-positive black men, the sex and gender blogger meant to write “One in three black men who have sex with men in the District is HIV-positive.” Instead, she omitted the “n” in men, leading to questions about her sex partners. The result is this correction:

One has to love the editor’s use of “In fact” in that correction.

The Fark comments section is already in rare form (some NSFW language). The winner so far: “The other two guys must feel pretty damn lucky.”

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