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Man Proves SCIENTIFICALLY That “30 Rock” is Funnier Than “$#*! My Dad Says”

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By HVentertainment on November 9, 2010

Erik Voss over at SplitSider has completed the greatest comedy breakdown of…well, the past week at least. But it’s truly epic shit, and you should head over there to read it post-haste.

Voss writes: “After noticing CBS’ S#*! My Dad Says has been destroying NBC’s 30 Rock in the ratings from week to week, I decided to take a closer look at each of the shows. While I agree with most critics that 30 Rock is far superior (despite the lower ratings), I have to admit that such comparisons are subjective, based on personal tastes in humor and biases against shows inspired by Twitter feeds. Therefore, I set out to prove quantitatively which show deserves the better ratings. The fairest way to do that, I concluded, was by counting the number of jokes per episode. I will use pure, unbiased science to prove once and for all which is a superior show.”

Click on the graphic to read Voss’ fantastic work over at SplitSider.

The real shame here is that this scientific reasoning needs top be trotted out in the first place. The fact that anyone would watch that watered-down Shatner vehicle over 30 Rock is mind-blowing.

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