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10 Student Loan Reform Leaders: #1 President Obama, Three Others, Then…Me?

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By Cryn Johannsen on January 24, 2012

It’s not everyday you wind up on a list of leaders with President Barack Obama. But I just discovered that to be the case today, and I happened to stumble upon this positive review of my work as an advocate for student loan debtors by chance. Here’s what OnlineCollege.org had to say about me:

All Education Matters speaks up for students drowning in debt, particularly those victimized by predatory lenders. Founder C. Cryn Johannsen and her board of nine directors aren’t afraid to step up to political leaders and demand change. Check out the official blog (linked above) for updated resources on maneuvering the often frustrating stew of student aid, particularly what it means for long-term fiscal health. In addition, Johannsen comments on current events both good and bad impacting the student loan reform movement while simultaneously calling others to join her voice.

I appreciate the kind words, and the (relatively) accurate portrayal of my work as an activist for the indentured educated class. See who else they list here.

[ed. note: We couldn’t be prouder of Cryn, and this list’s honor couldn’t have been bestowed on a better person. Check out all her work right here — it’s really, really important stuff.]

Cryn Johannsen is the founder and executive director of All Education Matters (AEM). She is currently writing a book about the student lending crisis and how this mess can be fixed. Read her full HyperVocal archive here, and make sure to follow her on The Twitter @cjohanns.

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