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How Meta: Top 10 Top 10 Lists for 2010

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By Sally Kohn on December 22, 2010

The Editors of HyperVocal suggested that I do a Top 10 list, like everyone else is doing this time of year. Beyond my general anti-authoritarian personality that makes me bristle at editorial suggestions, I, um, didn’t have any great ideas for such a list right off the bat. So I started looking at other people’s Top 10 lists which led me to the Top 10 list of Top 10 lists for 2010. Stick this in your pipe and smoke it, Editors…

10. The 10 Funniest Signs from December on Huffington Post

Check out this slideshow, apparently yielded from a new website entirely dedicated to spotting odd signs.  That’s a good way to spend time.


9. Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels in 2010

Don’t know how they generated this list but eeeeew.


8. Roger Ebert’s Best Feature Films of 2010

I just love Roger Ebert, especially since he’s been speaking up about political matters via Twitter. 

I haven’t seen all these films but the ones I’ve seen that are on his list I agree should be there (especially “I Am Love”!!)


7. Time’s Top 10 of Everything of 2010 List

Is it cheating in my top 10 list of top 10 lists to include a top 10 list of top 10 lists?!?!?!


6. Top 10 Fashion Disasters of 2010 at TheCelebrityCafe.com

I love trashy pictures of famous people as much as the next anti-elite progressive…


5. Top 10 Worst Top 10 Lists of 2010 from VanityFair.com

Thanks to the brilliant Brett Berk of Vanity Fair’s GleeCap fame. Priceless!!


4. Twitter’s List of 10 Most Retweeted Tweets in 2010

Just fascinating. I mean, fascinating.


3. Metacritic’s Metalist of Music Critics’ Top 10 2010 Album Lists

Handy aggregator of everything that professional music critics have said in their 2010 round-ups, though you may not agree with them (I don’t see Bruno Mars mentioned remotely often enough for my taste…)


2. Top 10 Worst Album Covers of 2010

Not sure I agree, but enjoyable:


1. Top 10 Memorable Videos of 2010 by Mashable

This list was made two months ago, which is proof that top 10 of 2010 lists are good year-round. And this final list is proof that my overall list couldn’t be any less substantive if I tried….


Sally Kohn is a community organizer and progressive political commentator. She is the Founder and Chief Education Officer of the Movement Vision Lab

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