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What’s Hard About Biking in Washington DC?

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By Monica Gray on November 24, 2010

Every week, D.C. resident Monica Gray asks folks all over Washington, “What’s Hard About It?,” trying to help solve our nation’s problems. Click here to see what she’s tackled so far.

What’s hard about biking in DC? I headed over to Washington’s third-annual Need for Tweed bike ride to find out. Organized by Eric Brewer, the Tweed Ride drew over 400 bikers, most of whom were decked out in their most dapper Victorian-era garb. Before they took off for the Tour de DC, I asked cyclists at The Fridge and at the start line at 8th and H Street NE, “What’s hard about biking in DC?”

Check out the video to hear what they had to say…

What’s hard about biking around the city in which you live? Sound off in the comments below…

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