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Vocal Point

HyperVocal Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief Slade Sohmer likes things and stuff, as well as condensing things and stuff into one-sentence descriptions of another thing. And stuff.

DeepDish Politics
HyperVocal Co-Founder & Publisher Lee Brenner comments on politics, media and culture from the heart of DC through the haze of Chicago deepdish pizza.


Nicole Lapin is not your mama’s financial expert. The youngest ever CNN and CNBC anchor makes business news sexy and understandable.

Brain Food

Larry Harris, Jr. wants to educate folks on something culturally interesting. He covers politics, sex, pot, music, culture, Hip-Hop, humanism, feminism, libertarianism, masculinity and more.

One Minute News
The OMN Team delivers news and information straight up. In this crazed media mosaic of Internet news, their style is to keep things simple. Get your news efficiently and get out of there.

Community Organism
If Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow had a love child who was a community organizer making the world safe for progressive ideas, that’d be Sally Kohn.

Liner Notes
Music enthusiasts/geeks Jason Freitag and Owen Milbury bring their legendary e-debates public and go toe-to-toe, shamelessly over-analyzing the world of music.

The Sly Oyster
This here blog, written by James Furbush, is the feeble attempt at plucking the straws of American culture from the air.

Social Musings
Christine Kirk is CEO & Founder of Social Muse Communications, providing PR and Online Communications 3.0 services, a unique blend of traditional media relations, online marketing, and social media strategy. She writes about the intersection of luxury brands and social media.

Postcards from the ‘Jing
From blueberry-flavored potato chips to ‘crotchless’ baby pants, “JB” chronicles the weird and the wonderful straight from the Chinese capital.

Money Crashers
Money Crashers is geared towards providing young individuals with financial education in a wide variety of topics, including starting a small business, extreme couponing, and career advice.

More Than a Three Letter Word
New Zealand Winter Olympian and short-track speed skater Blake Skjellerup blogs about his life in sports and out as one of the world’s few openly gay athletes.

Seriously Subversive
Founder & Executive Director of All Education Matters, Cryn Johannsen writes about the higher education funding fiasco, the student lending crisis, politics, and the economy.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), with more than 3 million members and supporters, is the largest animal rights organization in the world.

Mi Chica Loquita
Moving to New York City is difficult for anyone. We all agree on that. Now try moving to New York City from Cuba to be with a guy like me. Bryan Aranson tells all.

The Whole Enchilada
Get your fill of politics, race, culture, music, plus assorted of rants and raves on all kinds of ish from a smartypants Latina. Wendy Carrillo is here to vent.

Your Good Idea Fairy
Tara Chantal Silver, Founder and Managing Director of SilverStrategy, talks communications and entrepreneurship while motivating readers to create their dream jobs and find A-game strategies.

Sam’s Good Meats
One man’s quest to find the elusive balance between a love of meat and cholesterol-induced spontaneous combustion. Sam Hiersteiner‘s eatin’ his way from farm to table.

What’s Hard About It?
New D.C. resident Monica Gray asks folks all over Washington that very question. What’s so hard about solving our nation’s problems? Transportation? Public schools? Restoring sanity?

Engaging Culture
Ty Clark, CEO of Veritas Fashion, likes to think that he is an Artist, Fashion Designer, Writer, Social Entrepreneur, Activist, non-media mogul and vagabond traveler.

Young Invincibles
Young Invincibles began out of the recognition that young people’s voices were not being heard in the debate over health care reform. Since then it’s grown to be a voice for change.

HyperVocal’s team of intrepid reporters deliver the dirt that layers the streets of our nation’s capital. Check it out for the true inside scoop of what’s happening in Washington DC.

A Sound Made Up of Little Sounds
Alex Gangitano asks the troubling, cynical, or serious questions that we struggle with every day. She responds to politics, pop culture, and day-to-day human interaction with, “really?”

Flux Bandit
Ray Watterson writes about fashion, food, reviews, queer issues, gender identity and anything else that interests her happening in the world today.

Falling Whistles
Sean Carasso’s Falling Whistles is a campaign for peace in Congo. Together, we partner with local leaders to rehabilitate and advocate for those affected by war.

Wannabe Genius
Mike Vitiello, writer of the esteemed blog of the same name, perfectly captures the voice of the mid-20s American dude. So listen the f*%k up, willya?

It’s the Small Things
Sarah English keeps you up-to-date on DC’s quirkiest news. It’s the small things… that make this city so damn weird.

Out of Left Field
Vivek Ramgopal is a sports junkie, native New Yorker, aspiring foodie, wannabe Top Chef, tech marketer by day, dad of two by night, squeezing in the world of sports when given the chance.

Pencils of Promise
We’re a global movement committed to creating a world with greater educational opportunities for all. PoP builds schools in the developing world and trains young leaders to take action.

Ones and Zeroes
Brennon Slattery, writer for PCWorld and contributor to this here hooten, prefers geek over nerd, queer over gay, and beer over whiskey.

For Comrades and Lovers
Paul Travisano moved to NYC to be a writer. Or an actor. Or an underwear model. He works in a café, has a beard, and introduces himself at parties as “an aspiring stereotype.”

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear in Church
Lifelong Christian Danielle Fankhauser writes about how church-going intersects with real life and attempts to answer the question “What kind of wine would Jesus drink?”

Sound Checks & Balances
A new generation of young voters has arrived. Rock the Vote‘s mission is to engage and build political power for young people in our country. Get involved, stay active.

The Rally Point
Paul Rieckhoff & Todd Bowers of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, the largest organization for veterans of those wars, chronicle the issues facing our bravest men and women.

Good Men Project
A gathering place for thoughtful men with a conscience. We may not always agree with each other, but we’re all here because we’re trying to be good men, however we define that.

Self-proclaimed “rock stars of social change” broadcast their amazing stories of creating change and mobilize help from friends everywhere.

Pop culture analyst Rebecca McQuigg Rigal explores the interaction between popular culture and good ideas in media, entertainment and beyond.

A Rational Exuberant
Ahren Lembke-WIndler epitomizes the Libertarian belief system and lifestyle more than anyone not named Ron or Rand Paul. He blogs his party of one.

The Mindful Foodist
Kristen Boye blogs about important food issues, shares recipes and engenders a strong and passionate community of mindful foodists.

The Mirror
From Texas culture to the world of sports to the age-old relationship between people and their technology, Ravi Antani tries to pick apart the world around him as best as he can.

Delusions of Normalcy
Clinical psychologist Joshua Hooberman, Suicide Prevention Coordinator at NYC VA hospital, breaks down American culture as only a man of the mind can.

My Crazy Right Wing Brother
A blog for families with wingnuts. Every family has them, but this one is special. When AM Radio and Fox News took their oldest son, they molded a perfect zealot. Through careful dialogue, the blog works to coax him back to reason and moderation. This is a pointless exercise.

Tehran Underground
Straight from Iran’s capital, “Kazhal” updates us on her daily life in Tehran and recounts the tragic events unfolding there since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s dubious election victory.

Ask a Gringo
One day Kenny Kaplan realized foreigners living within our borders never truly get integrated into the American culture melting pot, and he’s decided to do something about it.

Voto Latino
Voto Latino is shaking up America’s political establishment by bringing thousands of young Latinos into the political process. The latest from this non-partisan, nonprofit civic engagement organization.

The Crapshoot
Part-time hater and full-time lover, Matt Wilson‘s interest in current events runs the gamut — news, sports, entertainment, fashion (well, maybe not fashion) — and he’s got an opinion on most of it.

Sympathetic to the difficulties of finding a soul mate in a texting and online based dating world, our sex advice columnist Naheed is committed to helping you get laid.

Last Man Standing
All of Paul Cooley‘s friends are married. The only single one left discusses dating, relationships, dealbreakers, dealmakers, and what it’s like to be in his early 30’s, single, and living in NYC.

Forward Progress
Christopher Hahn offers up a progressive look at politics and policy from the perspective of a former senatorial staffer and political consultant.

Skinny Buddha
Skinny Buddha and HankaliciousREX bring you insights into the freshest independent artwork, style, music and sports. Independent thought for people who appreciate creative culture.

The Sporting Life
Ross Mandel, All Access Football Editor-In-Chief and NFL Draft Bible coordinator, knows more about sports than you, and he’s trying his best to prove it here.

Diary of a Social Entrepreneur
Milena Arciszewski, former investment banker and Kiva Fellow, is starting a nonprofit in NYC. She blogs about her experience as a struggling social entrepreneur trying to create a better world.

General Geekery
When Oregon-based Jeremy Herrig‘s not cranking out videos for HyperVocal he’s geeking out on home brews, gadgets, toys and music. Join him.

The Absurd & The Insane: The Iowa Republican Caucus
Former Obama staffer Simeon Talley follows the Republican presidential candidates as they traverse their way through Iowa’s chicken dinners, county fairs and any type of food that can be deep fried.

Virgilia Singh looks at the crossover between technology and emerging markets, as well as how to scale a new company, by failing quickly and cheaply.

Rahul Pruthi highlights what folks from abroad can do to make it big in the United States, especially as technology is changing the path to success.

20something Politico
Bridget Schultz is devoted to providing information about how news and political decisions affects members of the millennial generation.

Urban Hillbilly
Dan Hoyle, accomplished stage actor and writer, blogs about politics and American culture through the lens of his critically acclaimed one-man show “The Real Americans.”

A Bergeoning World
Erica Berger is a researcher by day and music journalist by night, who in between lusts for penning her take on the environment and all types of sustainable development. She shares her take on inspiring stories and not-to-be-missed initiatives that will make a lasting, awesome impact.

It’s a Smart World After All
Sara Mohazzebi chronicles the stories and hearts of individuals from all walks of life to “do good, be brilliant, and begin anywhere to make our world cooler, smarter, and kinder.”

During his free time, Simon Maxwell Apter likes to watch TV sports while reading the encyclopedia. Smörgåsbord serves up anything and everything interesting that he discovers in the World of Wiki.

Getting Low: Tales of a Division I Junkie
Fletcher Fairbanks, former standout Division I lacrosse player, chronicles his years of drug addiction, the effects on his sports performance and his eventual treatment.

Game Drive
Jos Dirkx has called five continents home. Currently in Africa, she uploads video blogs about the continent and making social justice and gender equality a worldwide priority.

Born in 1984
Austin-based marketer, musician, and politico, Matt Reyes founded Twitteros, a social media hub for Latinos that Twitter. Reyes contributes his thoughts on the American political spectrum.

Notes from the War Next Door
Susana Seijas is a freelance journalist and TV producer who follows the often horrendous news coming out of Mexico. But it is not all murder and mayhem south of the border.

Boho Nation
In Boho Nation, arts activist and cultural critic Emily Goulding looks at the collision of politics and culture in the young circles where broke is the new rich.

“Going Back” creator Adam Keleman brings you interviews with filmmakers, film/TV reviews and commentary on the latest foreign flicks, docs, American indies, and the rare first-rate Hollywood pic.

The Life Out Loud
MeiMei Fox is a Stanford-trained psychologist and life coach, bestselling health and wellness author, and yoga instructor. She works one-on-one with people seeking to reach their full potential.

Millennial Mommy
Lina Perl is a 31-year-old working mom who writes about parenting culture in the Facebook age. As research she posts many photos of her daughter, Edie, on Facebook. You better “Like” them.

Culture Shock
Melissa Lee provides commentary and observations on the wild and wonderful world of pop culture, arts, and entertainment.

Sports & Schmutz
Russell Colburn, former intramural football stud, discusses both sporting news that blows his mind and why he loves guacamole on everything edible.

Creative Outlooks
Jack Reilly is addicted to learning about and spreading the most creative ambitions of others, in hopes that one day he will be able to inspire others through his own creative ambitions.

Celebrity Death Trio
These are the best obits you’ll ever read. It’s tough to use the word “tasteful” when describing irreverent, snarky, laugh-out loud profiles of dead celebrities, but somehow it’s accurate.

Bank Shots
Andrew Bank‘s a senior Television, Radio, & Film student at Syracuse University and veteran blogger who provides the college view of American society.

Drugs, guns and salsa: Mexico City-based reporter Lauren Villagran tells us the stories we need to know from the south side of the border.

Waxworks & Roustabouts
Rant, satire and parody: Peter Mann captures the absurd view of culture and politics from behind the rostrum. That, along with the occasional travel account and inspired lyrical digression.

CJ Aquilino is a guy who likes basketball more than any out-of-shape young white man should. He currently has two years left of NCAA eligibility.

A Bemused Globetrotter’s Guide to Life
Born in India, raised in Singapore, Shreya Gandhi is a Tufts University student with a passion for everything. Including sharing. Which she’ll do. About her passion for everything.

Let’s Get Serious
David Monroe reveals the hidden truths from the worlds of sports, politics, and pop culture. Or, hey, at least he’ll try to reveal what he can.

The Last Page: Lazy Book Reviews
lee lee thompson loves books, but she’s too busy to actually read them. Fortunately, she still has time to write reviews. These are those lazy reviews.

Sin & Tonic
Gin addict, queer activist, and optimistic cynic, Jonathan Cox spends his time seeing everything as backwards writing on the wall.

Loud and Queer
Activist, writer, social media addict, and arts-enthusiast, Kyle Bella is proud to be outspoken on all things queer, sharing experiences that represent the full-spectrum of the LGBTQ community.

Digital Nomad
Rahaf Harfoush is a globetrotting information addict on the hunt for great ideas. Author. Consultant. Speaker. Easily distracted by all things shiny.

What’s Pop’n?
Entertainment guru Thomas Forrest blogs about why he’s not ashamed to admit that he loves cheesy shows, popular music and teen dramas.

Carissa Reiniger is dedicated to entrepreneurship. Her Silver Lining Ltd. was inspired by her passion to see more small business owners making money doing what they love. Read about Carissa’s experience developing the SLAP method and see how her lessons can work for you.

The Key is Confidence
Sean Stephenson has appeared everywhere from The Oprah Winfrey Show to YouTube videos receiving over a million views. He also stars in his own reality show, runs a private practice as a therapist, writes internationally selling books, and lectures around the world.

Starre Vartan on how our five senses and technology unite to enhance the human experience (or confound us profoundly). Plus, the latest in sensory research and neurobio geekery.

Darling, Oh My
When Carrie Darling‘s not working as an emergency-room nurse in Northern California she’s off exploring the world. She writes about her experiences as a nurse and as a world traveler.

Kyle Fletcher McClure‘s a smug superior Fallen Wasp Connecticut Blue Blood fashion writer who blogs about life & style, the genesis of prep and its current form.

The Bridge
Kristopher Collins used to be a monkey on a trading floor. Now he’s a monkey on a MacBook. He blogs about how the political economy relates to you. Yes, you.