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Wait, What, How Does This Dude Solve This ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Final Puzzle?

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on March 20, 2014

So many questions for Emil. So many questions for Pat Sajak. So many questions for Vanna White and the studio audience and the judges and the Wheel of Fortune puzzle pickers and the people who provide the promotional consideration and everyone else at this taping. Nobody leaves the studio without being questioned first. HOW DOES HE GET THIS? IS THIS REAL LIFE?

First off, Pat Sajak was super-impressed by Emil’s effort.

Now for some real questions: Why the two-second delay after Emil solves it? Were the judges just like, “Oh this is a trick puzzle, nobody can get this, oh wait, did he just say, SHIT, HIT THE ‘HE SOLVED IT’ BUTTON?” How on earth did the puzzle pickers expect anyone to get this? Who has said the words “new baby buggy” in the past year? Five years? Ever? Is this a Charles Van Doren on Twenty One type situation? Would that be too obvious? But mostly, HOW?

Whatever, Emil, take a bow, you deserve your $63,000+ in winnings.

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[via Guyism]
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