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Sir Patrick Stewart Oversees Director’s X-Tattoo

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Neda Semnani

By Neda Semnani on August 21, 2014

X-Men director Bryan Singer had the mother of all humblebrags inked onto his calf yesterday, as Sir Patrick Stewart looked on.

According to a four week old post, Singer said his assistant got an X-Men tattoo on his left calf after the latest film in the franchise exceeded the $500 million in ticket sales.

“My assistant kept his end of the bet, Tattoo at 500mil. Sucka!” Singer wrote. “Yet now we are passed [$700 million] it’s [screenwriter and producer Simon] Kinberg and my turn :(”

I’m calling shenanigans on that emotifrown, Bryan Singer. Your summer blockbuster topped $700 million dollars and Captain Picard watched over your tattoo artist. If that’s not worth a emotismile, nothing in the world is or ever will be.

(H/T CinemaBlend.com)


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