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Netherlands Naked Dating Show Is Like ‘The Bachelor’ Meets ‘Survivor’

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on March 6, 2014

Just when you’d thought you’d seen every type of reality show imaginable, another even more outlandish series comes along. The Netherlands now has a naked dating show, and yes, the premise is exactly what it sounds like.

One person is paired up with two others and is supposed to choose only one of them. It has Bachelor-ish undertones, but then you realize it’s set on an island, which creates a sort of Survivor feel. Because the naked people need to be quarantined. Here’s a totally NSFW clip.

Even though we could gather bits and pieces about what was going on based on context clues and naked body language, UPROXXa Redditor did some translating so we could know exactly what was happening on this riveting show.

she thought the guy on the left wanted a wife who had her shit together, and that wasnt her, so she went with JP who seemed more like her. she had a lot of laughs on the island, and that was because of JP.

anyway she went back to another island to wait and see if JP wanted to be with her (after she picked him and left, he still had to choice not to go out with her).

then jp comes to the new island and meets the blond chick and they say nothing important apart from how weird it is to be wearing clothes again, he said he feels naked wearing clothes (what?), and he goes and kisses the girl.

Wait, there’s another island? Maybe it’s the one from Lost, which would suck.

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[via UPROXX]
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