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‘Lion King’ Cast Does Surprise ‘Circle of Life’ Performance on Plane

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on April 1, 2014

Many airlines, like Virgin America and Delta, have tried to put the fly back in flying. But what better way to get passengers psyched about a flight than a performance from a professional musical cast?

The cast of “The Lion King” in Australia was on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney, and the performers felt inspired to treat fellow passengers to a little rendition of “Circle of Life.” The fact that the cast didn’t have a fake lion to raise over someone’s head is a huge miss here, but how much fun is this?

So really the solution to airline morale problems is to hire Broadway casts to ride along on every flight, and no one will bitch about cramped legroom ever again. I think we just found the route to world peace?

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