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Hate Buying Presents? Love Gambling? Gift Roulette Is for You!

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Neda Semnani

By Neda Semnani on September 26, 2014

It is a weird thing when you are wandering the store or surfing the Internet trying to find someone you love, like, or hate the perfect gift*. Suddenly, you begin to doubt yourself. Perhaps you don’t know this person, you think. Are you essentially throwing your money down the proverbial crapper? Aren’t you acknowledging the potential badness of the gift when you ask for a gift receipt? It all feels like a game of chance, really.

Now you can turn this wonderful chore into a real game of craps when you use Gift Roulette, which is “an anonymous gift curation service.” Essentially, you’re giving strangers a certain amount of money to buy you or someone you know a gift.

(via GiftRoulette.me)

(via GiftRoulette.me)

It works like this. Go to giftroulette.me. Then chose what kind-of something you’d like the anonymous L.A.-based curator to buy for you. Is it “something fun?” “Something slutty,” perhaps? Would you be needing “something tiny?”

Then you ask for a color, nothing fancy, just the basic color wheel one. Then you give ’em a budget–twenty bucks or $200 or whatever.

Then, and here’s the best part, pick your rando-curator from a pile of labels. Would you like a “stoner” to buy your buddy gift a tiny, yellow, $20 dollar present? Or an artist to buy your girlfriend a dumb, red, $500 anniversary gift? Are you hoping a businessman could buy your son a funny, blue, $50 birthday present? Then this is all your dream coming true.

(via GiftRoulette.me)

(via GiftRoulette.me)

Wait. Can’t a person can be a stoner, artist, and a businessperson or whatever at once? Oh, hush that face! Obviously, the label only refers to the part of the personality who will the buy gift.

Sadly, there are no examples of the gifts on the website and the roulette can’t be completed until you give them your credit card information, so proceed at your own risk, obviously.


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