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Mr. Belding, Pauly Shore and Urkel Help Explain Why It’s So Hard to Get Laid by ‘The Women of L.A.’

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By HVentertainment on February 13, 2013

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DJ Lubel has a parable as old as time.

It’s a tale of two cities, two coasts, and two dramatically different types of women, all delivered through that tried-and-true genre of nerdy Jewish comedy rap. Unlike most schlubby comedic rappers, the lyrics Lubel is spitting hold some truth as to why it’s so hard to get laid by L.A. women. Kudos, as well, for the top-notch production value and awesome cameos.

If Lubel can pull such high cameo wattage like Mr. Belding, Pauly Shore and Urkel, I’m not so sure he’s that far away from at least getting some from the ladies of Long Beach, and who knows, maybe even West Hollywood!

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