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New Volkswagen Commercial Puts the Dog From ‘The Artist’ to Shame

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By HVvids on January 24, 2013

Remember Uggie? He was that adorable Jack Russell that captured not only the hearts of America, but also an Oscar for his role in the 2011 silent film The Artist. While Uggie’s performance had plenty of bite, it lacked bark. He might as well have been wearing a shock collar given the pitch perfect imitation of a Volkswagen this pup delivers in this new Dutch commercial for the brand.

Volkswagen has made a strong showing during Super Bowl commercial breaks in years past. So, could we expect to see this Dutch commercial for the brand exported stateside for Super Bowl XLVII, aka the Harburgh Bowl?

It wouldn’t be the first time the German car makers have employed some pooches. After the success of the adorable mini Darth Vader, they did an all dog rendition of the Star Wars theme showcasing their “Bark Side.”

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